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Group Fitness classes..... Boot Camp, Strength and Conditioning, , Zumba Strong , HIIT, Low-Impact Cardio,  BOOM Shake

New Happenings at Best Life

Boomshake is here!

Boomshake is now officially at Best Life! Its a cardio fitness class with kickboxing, dance fitness, and much more!  Designed to be a calorie burner with great choreo and music!  Brand comes from Toni White in Columbia, Md and its spreading and hugely popular!  We are fortunate to have this at our studio so come try it out!

Upcoming Events!

Another 2 hour Friday evening fitness event will be comimg in April!  The Boot Canp/ strength and conditioning followed by one hour of BOOM Shake was a big hit!  Look for dates comimg soon. In addition boot camps in the park at Cacapon and Berkeley Springs are comimg in April as well!! Dates will be posted here and on my Facebook page.

Testimonials from Clients

"I like the online classes"

"I like the personal attention and modifications"

"I have so much more energy since I joined the program"

"The social support of small group and instructor means so much"

Current deals

Share my facebook  or webpage on social media, bring a friend to class, or give me a review on google or facebook and I will put you in drawing for a Best Life Logo tank!  Shoot me  a message that you have shared! Thanks so much

I now offer online classes LIVE!  There are several offerings each week of different formats.  You buy a class pass online and I put you in the private online group.  You get ready and sign in at class time!  Let me know if you want in the group and I will put you in facebook group and let you know when classes are!

Healthy Friends Night Out at Best Life!

Would you like to schedule a healthy outing with friends?  I call it a healthy journey night!  You pick the workout type, Boot Camp, Strength, Zumba, Boomshake etc...anything I offer!  After workout you get detox juices or tea and a mini cooking session with healthy plant based food.  Different than a paint night and offers all healthy goodness!  Minimum of 4 required


How can plant based help me get healthier and lose weight?

The food is filling, lower in calories,  fat,  processed flours, and sugars.  All of these contribute not only to overall good health management. No special meal plans to create your own food from your own kitchen. There is a wealth of science- based evidence showing what a healthy way of eating it is. 


About Us

Getting Fit is Empowering!

 The CDC, American Heart Association, and DHHS all recommend 150 minutes of vigorous exercise each week as well as at least 2 days of strength training.  Are you getting this in your life? Book today for a pass for 5 classes for $38!

Don't wait until tomorrow.....

Today could be the day that starts your new way of life with healthy living habits!  I am here to support, encourage, and hold you accountable for healthy lifestyle changes Hagerstown News visits Best Life!

About me.......

I have been on this fitness journey...the one you are beginning.  Its exciting !  I lost 40 pounds 4 years ago doing this program.  no matter what age you are you can get in the best shape of your life.....I guarantee it.  Lets work together..I Cant wait to see your results!

I am an ACE certified group fitness instructor, personal trainer, and registered nurse anesthetist.  I am constantly keeping up with fitness and nutrition information that is current, based on sound science, and designed to work!

Customized Fitness

Boot Camp/Personal Training for Men and Women of all levels

Boot Camp classes ( 30 minute classes with maximum results)

Fitness classes

Zumba Strong the newest calorie burner and strength class

Strength and conditioning 

Personal Training 


Stretch and strength

Move and Groove

Something for all fitness levels!!

Class Descriptions


Class Descriptions

Boot Camp 30 minute HIIT (high intensity interval training) for maximum cardio, calorie and fat burning in a 30 minute session. Can be modified to any level of fitness Boot Camp Extended on weekends combines the HIIT workout with strength and conditioning for an awesome total fitness workout with exercises, equipment, weights, bands, etc,

ZUMBA STRONG A class you don’t want to miss and attend regularly if you want a total body workout and results that make you want to keep coming back. This is NOT dancing but is choreographed to great music.

Strength and Conditioning 30 minute class offering work with weights, body weight, bands etc. Is offered back to back with boot camp so you can do one if you are short on time or do both for max results.

Zumba High energy cardio dance class with latin themed music as well as popular music for a dynamic, fun workout. The way to go if you love dancing and want to get your cardio in!

 Stretch and Strength a 45 minute class set to the oldies with some dance toning with light weights, regular strength workout, and stretching

Move and Groove a one hour class set to the oldies low impact cardio, strength and conditioning, and some dance fitness and stretching

Online Personal Training One on one sessions via Skype or facebook!  Call to schedule 3045491456 


"Tawyana is great! Enjoy her Stretch and Strength class and also Strength and Conditioning class I took for first time this evening. She is very willing to work with her students to help adapt exercises to meet their specific needs."

Susan H.

"She is the best trainer! I  always was looking forward to do her class.  She kept the class fun, .she is very energetic and she have it passion."

Maria A.

"Tawyana is an awesome trainer!  Her workouts are fun and challenging and her infectious positive personality motivated me to keep pushing myself every day!  Tawyana can help you make progress no matter what fitness level you find yourself in."

Jennifer D.

"Best boot camp ever! She switches things up every time so you do not get the same routine and get to enjoy variety! I'm happy to say my muscles stay sore for days thanking me for the amazing workout!

Tiffany T. 

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Feel free to submit questions via e mail or phone!  Also feel free to give feedback !

I want to be part of your health and fitness journey! Boot Camp / personal training/ nutrition to help you reach your goals

Results in minimal time with Interval training


Boot Camp, Fitness classes (and more) in Berkeley Springs WV near Cacapon. Dance fitness your thing... I have it Zumba !

Want an intense workout... I have that too my Boot camp or Zumba Strong! Want to get toned, strong, improve your balance and posture...strength and conditioning classes are offered. Personal training is available one on one or small groups .

Located in beautiful Berkeley Springs, WV right across from Cacapon State Park


Some boot camps will be held in our 2 state parks as weather allows.  Check on facebook for regular updates

Healthy Self Heal thy self


I believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to improve their level of physical fitness and optimal nutrition. I am passionate about helping you on that journey.  Get excited for some truly wonderful changes in your life and your health!

Fitness Nutrition is Best Life

Optimum results in 30 minute classes


I teach high intensity interval training in my boot camp. Give yourself 30 minutes to experience fitness in a way you may have never experienced before 

Schedule a Group Fitness Class or Personal Training Session below


Class offerings are varied and offers something everyone can enjoy to get moving to your "best Life."  Class schedule is available below and updated weekly.  Also available on my facebook page Best Life Boot Camp. Send me a message to schedule or inquire! 

My passion in purpose is helping myself and others experience the highest level of fitness and healthy lifestyle


Give yourself some  of the love you most likely give to others. Get healthier amd stronger for YOU and them!


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 Class schedule posted weekly on facebook page Best Life Boot Camp and below!

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